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Your eyesight and technology

Computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles and video games place particular demands on our vision – and our eyes get tired faster than before.

Does your vision get blurred when you look at things that are near for too long? Do you suffer from eyestrain and headaches, especially late in the day? All these signs may indicate visual fatigue, a very frequent phenomenon today as it affects 60% of us, and it’s direct linked to our increasingly connected lifestyle!

Our tips to overcome visual fatigue

Many solutions exist to help you keep your eyes in good shape – thus reducing the effects of visual fatigue. You just need to take a few minutes throughout the day for some basic and beneficial gestures:

As soon as you feel your eyes are blinking too often:

However, if the discomfort persists, despite taking all the necessary measures, it is perhaps the sign of a visual anomaly. It is recommended that you visit your optometrist understand the problem.