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Your eyesight and light

Light is essential! It allows you to see well and also contributes to your well-being by helping you to replenish energy, good humor and regulate your sleep. Yet, you must be cautious of the effects of light. If not well protected, light can damage our eyes.

Good Blue light (blue-turquoise part) is essential for overall well-being. It is neccesary for regulation of the sleep/wake cycles, mood and cognitive performances. But light can also be the cause of premature eye ageing. Blue-violet light was recently identified as being harmful to retinal cells. Causing long-term damage to our eyes, it can accelerate the onset of age related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

UV light

Today, the risk from UV light has increased due to ozone depletion in the atmosphere – so the risk of damaging your eyes is higher.

If not protected adequately, your eyes can become irritated and may also be at increased risk of premature ageing and other diseases such as cataracts and skin cancer on the eyelids. Your eyes are exposed to UV every day, whatever the conditions. Up to 40% of UV exposure occurs outside of direct sunlight, and it comes from reflections off buildings, glass, water, the sky, the ground, and even off the back of the surface of your lens if they are not treated with UV protection.

Our advice

Wearing lenses with UV protection helps shield your eyes from ultra-violet radiation. As well as sunglasses, you can also opt for clear lenses which also protect against UV. Some lenses offer a higher level of protection than others. Significant UV exposure for spectacle wearers comes from the rear lens surface. Look for a lens with a high Eye-Sun Protection Factor which protects from both the front and rear surface of the lens.

Blue-violet light

Blue-violet light is the artificial light that emanates from screens and is harmful to the eyes. Blue-violet light can cause age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Likewise, ultraviolet light, invisible to the eyes, is harmful. It can cause skin cancer and ocular disorders.

Our advice

Just like we use sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun, it is necessary to protect our eyes. Appropriate lenses protect your eyes from the UV and blue-violet lights.

Check with your optometrist which your lenses are right for you daily.