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Natural sunlight is a central, healthy part of daily life. But without protection, sunlight may also damage your eyes. Sunglasses help provide protection and fit in with your personal style.
Xperio® sun lenses go beyond glare and UV protection to allow you to see with more depth and better colour distinction.
Get Xperio® sun lenses, available in your prescription, through eyecare professionals.

Xperio® polarized lenses provide you with the best visual experience for all your outdoor activities. Wearing Xperio® polarized lenses allows greater eye comfort, an unmatched clarity of vision, and a truer colour perception compared to ordinary sun lenses.


Xperio® sun lenses come in a wide variety of colours, mirrors, and styles, and fit into your choice of frames for a personalised look.


Glare can be reflected off many surfaces such as water, glass, grass and metallic surfaces.

Prolonged exposure to glare and sunlight can lead to visual fatigue and discomfort. Glare can also contribute to an increased risk of accidents while driving due to slower reaction time.


Ideal for all activities under the sun, regardless of the environment, situation or season.

Eliminate reflected glare
So you see better, feel better and perform better!
Best in class UV protection for your eyes*

Truer colour perception
Environmental colours distorted by glare are filtered.

Available in your prescription
Customisable to single vision or progressive lens designs, according to your visual needs.