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Revolutionize your daily life with Varilux X Series

Your vision should never slow you down. Varilux X Series lenses are our most advanced progressive lenses, allowing you to seamlessly capture with high precision every detail within arm’s reach and beyond. Enjoy outside sharpness, continuous vision, and fluidity from near to far. 

A new definition of near vision

In the present day, a transformative shift has unfolded. Our existence is intricately woven into a realm of ceaseless connectivity, where the tempo of life races forward and multitasking seamlessly integrates into our daily rhythm. As our societal landscape evolves, so do the patterns that govern our visual inclinations.

Our posture is altered, and our gaze upon nearby objects is transformed. We effortlessly transition from our smartphone to engaging in conversations with friends, from perusing our notebook to seizing a moment for coffee, all while concurrently exchanging messages with our children.

In essence, a profound realization emerges: the core of our existence unfolds within arm’s reach. Embracing the dynamics of modern vision, the Varilux team of distinguished experts has undertaken a radical reinvention of near vision, unburdened by compromise.


Powered by its revolutionary Xtend™ technology, this innovation redefines near vision in an unprecedented manner, evoking a perception of volume and depth. Say goodbye to the necessity of adjusting your head position for sharp focus.*

Engineered to Enhance Real Lives: The creation of Varilux X Series lenses by Essilor was a collaborative effort, involving 2,742 eyeglass wearers from diverse corners of the globe. This extensive endeavor yielded remarkable outcomes, including:

  • A remarkable 95% satisfaction rate reported during multitasking activities within arm’s length.**
  • A staggering 9 out of 10 wearers experiencing the freedom from the need to reposition their head for clear vision, whether up close or beyond.***


Minimized Head Movements

Seamless Visual Experience

Tailored Lens Innovation

Drastically reduces or even eliminates the need for constant horizontal and vertical head adjustments.

Maintain a single gaze direction while effortlessly focusing on multiple targets.

Crafted to perfection using your individual eye prescription and visual patterns.


As our way of life transforms, our visual tendencies also shift. Your body posture and the manner in which you engage with nearby objects have evolved. Now, you fluidly transition from your smartphone to your notebook, seamlessly retrieving your coffee mug while exchanging messages with those close to your heart.

At the forefront of innovation is Varilux® X Series™, harnessing the power of its pioneering Xtend™ Technology. This groundbreaking lens series redefines your proximity vision to levels previously unattained.