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Welcome to Mathieu Opticiens, where you and your vision are our priority! Discover the extraordinary world of Varilux lenses, offering unparalleled visual clarity and comfort for every aspect of your life. Say goodbye to struggling with multiple pairs of glasses, and embrace the seamless transitions between near and far vision with Varilux® lenses, the pinnacle of optical innovation. 

Experience Effortless Vision

With Varilux lenses, seeing clearly at any distance becomes a reality. Our team of experts at Mathieu Opticiens will guide you through the process of finding the perfect Varilux lens that matches your unique visual needs. From smooth adjustments between close-up work and distant views to sharp focus on even the tiniest details, Varilux lenses provide an effortless and natural visual experience.

The Varilux Difference

At Mathieu Opticiens, we understand that your vision evolves over time, but that shouldn’t hinder your lifestyle. That’s why we recommend Varilux lenses – they adapt to your changing visual requirements seamlessly. Unlike traditional lenses, Varilux progressive lenses offer a more natural and comfortable vision, ensuring you can stay focused on what matters most to you, at any age.

Personalized for You

At Mathieu Opticiens, we know that no two pairs of eyes are alike. Our team takes pride in providing you with personalized and custom-designed Varilux lenses that cater specifically to your unique visual demands. With up to 30 patents attributed to Varilux lenses, you can trust that you’re getting cutting-edge technology and the best possible vision solution.

See beyond limits with Varilux

Varilux® lenses are your best partners for crystal-clear, smooth vision at all distances. They allow you to explore every detail of the world around you. There are no limits. With Varilux® lenses, go further than ever.


Explore Varilux Liberty, the lens that brings you sharp vision at all distances with smooth transitions between near and far.

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Varilux Comfort Max

Discover Varilux Comfort Max, providing immediate comfort and clarity the moment you put them on.

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Varilux Physio 3.0

Experience Varilux Physio 3.0, offering high-definition vision, whether looking far, near, or in between.

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Varilux X Series

Revolutionize your daily life with Varilux X Series, designed to significantly reduce head movements and provide a natural vision experience.

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Varilux Computer

Tailored for your digital activities, Varilux Computer lenses offer clear vision no matter what you’re doing.

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The Mathieu Opticiens Advantage

When you choose Varilux lenses at Mathieu Opticiens, you gain access to world-class eye care professionals and advanced optical technology that prioritizes your vision and comfort. Our commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction ensures that you’ll love your Varilux lenses.

Your Vision, Our Priority

Step into Mathieu Opticiens today and let us help you see the world with unparalleled clarity and ease. Experience the Varilux difference and rediscover the joy of crystal-clear vision, no matter the distance.