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Varilux Computer Lenses - Your Ultimate Computer Work Companion

In today’s world, computers have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, whether at home or work. As these devices become indispensable, so do the demands of computer users. Addressing these unique needs, Mathieu Opticiens presents Varilux ComputerTM lenses, tailored to redefine your computer experience. 

Varilux ComputerTM is a varifocal lens specifically optimized for digital screen use, offering easy-to-wear lenses for the computer. Improving your visual and postural comfort, these lenses answer the needs of those who regularly use the likes of computers, smartphones and televisions.


In order to meet your needs when using digital devices and carrying out specific tasks, Varilux ComputerTM lenses feature two exclusive innovations: the new Ultra Near Vision zone, and screen distance personalisation. 

The result? 

  • Relaxed eyes while reading small characters, even on your smartphone 
  • Natural posture in front of your computer and other devices 
  • Large and comfortable fields of vision, providing natural full coverage of the screen  


Enhance Clarity for Small Text
Promote Natural Smartphone Posture
Relieve Eye Strain, even during Extended Smartphone Use
Unmatched Comfort for Smartphone Engagement through Ultra Near Zone

Varilux Computer incorporates supplementary power beneath the near vision area, providing vital support for accommodating the demands of smartphone usage. This added power significantly enhances the legibility of diminutive characters.

Each visual zone within Varilux Computer is thoughtfully positioned to ensure optimal ergonomic comfort, facilitating a natural and relaxed posture during smartphone interactions.

A staggering 70% of patients experience eye fatigue, particularly pronounced during prolonged smartphone engagement. By seamlessly integrating supplementary power at the lower section of the lens, Varilux Computer effectively mitigates visual strain, a common contributor to blurred vision, resulting in sustained relaxation for the eyes.

Varilux Computer introduces a fourth zone within the lens, specifically designed to enhance the accommodative process. This zone augments the near vision area, ensuring unparalleled comfort for digital device users. These lenses are not only impeccably tailored to digital device usage but also seamlessly cater to other activities demanding near and intermediate vision. However, it’s important to note that they are not intended for tasks necessitating clear distance vision, such as driving.