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"Des Lunettes pour Renaître": Give Your Glasses a Second Life

Since 2014, Mathieu Opticiens has led the solidarity project “Des Lunettes pour Renaître” with a clear objective: to give your glasses a second life. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have collected and restored over 1,500 pairs of glasses to provide them, equipped with new corrective lenses, to over 500 underprivileged individuals. This year, as part of our project, we have decided to collaborate with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, and we also donate 65 rupees to their cause to support nature conservation. Together, we make the world more beautiful for those in need. 

A Solidarity and Eco-Friendly Gesture

Impact on Beneficiaries' Lives

With Mathieu Opticiens, you can make a difference in a compassionate and eco-friendly way. Bring your old glasses to one of our branches for restoration and offering to those in need. This helps underprivileged individuals without access to proper vision tests, while also preserving our planet through upcycling and recycling. For each frame deposited, we also donate 65 rupees to the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation to support their cause of nature conservation. 

“Des Lunettes pour Renaître” aims to help individuals facing economic hardships and lacking access to suitable corrective lenses. We believe that everyone deserves clear and sharp vision. Through the restoration of these glasses, we open new opportunities for beneficiaries in their education, career, and daily lives. 

Join us in this noble cause

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An Overview of Organizations we collaborate with since 2014

At Mathieu Opticiens, our “Des Lunettes pour Renaître” project wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration and partnership with various organizations dedicated to helping the most vulnerable. Since 2014, we have worked closely with the following organizations: 

Lovebridge is an apolitical and secular organization actively involved in fighting poverty in Mauritius. Since 2012, they have been providing psychosocial support to vulnerable Mauritian families.  

For more information, visit their webpage:

This NGO provides assistance to the most underprivileged individuals, offering them support, training, and development. We have worked with Caritas to identify individuals in regions such as Cité Barkly, Flacq, Baie du Cap, and Le Morne. To date, more than 30 people have benefited from our project through this collaboration. 

Visit their website for more information:

Founded in 2010, Terra Foundation is committed to building community connections and helping vulnerable individuals. Our collaboration with Terra Foundation has allowed us to collect numerous success stories while providing support to those in need. 

Visit their website for more information:

The NGO’s aim is to work in deprived housing estates to help families escape generational poverty, with the emphasis on education and support for children and their families. 

Visit their website for more information on the association:

A professional training centre in Bambous for young people from the west of the island, aged 14 to 18, who are not part of the school system. Ecole Familiale de l’Ouest aims to advise, train and develop around sixty young people to help them succeed professionally.

Visit their website for more information about the association:

This NGO brings together retired volunteers who generously contribute their professional skills and experiences for training, assistance, and solidarity actions. In November 2015, in collaboration with the AGIR ABCD association, we welcomed around a hundred people pre-identified by the local community and NGOs in Rodrigues for eye examinations. As a result of this mission, 111 pairs of glasses were distributed.

Visit their website to know more 

This NGO acts as a bridge to assist in the reintegration of former inmates and their children. Through our collaboration with Kinouété, Mathieu Opticiens has helped a mother and her two daughters regain the joy of clear vision. 

Link to their website:

Established in 1996, PILS fights against AIDS and provides support to people living with HIV in Mauritius. We have assisted 20 individuals referred by PILS, who came for consultations and received free glasses. 

Click to know more about the association:

As a member of the ANFEN network, this institution takes care of the education of underprivileged adolescents in Mahebourg and the southeast region of Mauritius. Through our collaboration, around forty adolescents were screened, and two of them benefited from our “Des Lunettes pour Renaître” project in Mahebourg. 

Read more about them:

The National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) operates under the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security, and National Solidarity. Its objectives include improving employability through training and requalification, fostering entrepreneurship, and supporting low-income and vulnerable groups for economic and social development. NEF effectively manages funds to promote its goals. 

For more information, visit their webpage: