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Julbo® sport sunglasses

When practising sport, good vision is essential to read the topography of the land correctly as more than 70% of our movements are guided by our vision. Sunglasses are therefore much more than a simple fashion accessory and can be used to improve performance.

You're a glasses wearer and would like to be able to use prescription sunglasses?

Using its expertise in sunglasses solutions and sports eyewear, Julbo can help you through its prescription sunglasses program, known as RX Trem: the full spectrum of Julbo technology adapted to your vision and your favorite discipline, from daily use to the most extreme sport.

What are the conventional solutions if you wear glasses and want to practice sport?

Several solutions are offered by opticians:

  • Keep wearing your normal glasses… but they won’t protect you from the sun and aren’t suited to practising sport (fragility, poor hold, etc.).
  • Prescription sunglasses with a low base curve (max. 6): this solution is simple but has the disadvantage of limiting the field of vision.
  • Prescription clip-ons: another simple solution but which has several disadvantages (reduced field of vision, poor comfort levels and limited optical quality).
  • Contact lenses: they offer a very good alternative, but not everyone gets on with them and many types of sport involve factors that make them particularly uncomfortable (dust, perspiration, dryness of the eye, etc.).

What shape should sports sunglasses be?

A wraparound shape and curved lenses are two essential features of sports sunglasses. Their purpose is to provide a wide field of vision and block out the sun’s rays but also to protect the wearer from all the elements they might encounter in the great outdoors such as wind, dust, salt water, etc. This shape has traditionally been a problem for wearers of corrective lenses because it is difficult to adapt them to a curved frame.

What about the quality of sun protection offered by prescription sunlenses?

All RX Trem lenses are treated with in-mass technology. The entire depth of the lens is colored, polarized and treated photochromically for optimum durability and resistance. In-mass treatment technology Photochromic tint Machined during surface treatment Polarizing film.

Is it possible to wear progressive lenses in sports sunglass frames?

Progressive lenses are used to correct both short-sightedness (myopia, astigmatism) and long-sightedness (presbyopia). Outdoor sports require both excellent overall vision combined with good close vision for reading maps and other information. Through its RX Trem program, Julbo offers progressive lenses optimized for use in movement. The coating technology of RX Trem lenses favors dynamic vision. It guarantees the moving wearer perfect distance as well as intermediate vision and close-up vision is easily obtained.

Which frame for your sport?

Each sport has specific requirements and it’s therefore important to clearly define them so you get the most suitable lenses and frames. We recommend:

  • For high-mountain wear: a wraparound frame with side shields to block out glare from the sun’s rays and straight or adjustable temples for good hold under a helmet or hat.
  • For mountain biking / cross-country skiing: a light frame with slim temples for slipping under a helmet or cap and good grip on the nose and temples to keep the glasses on the face.
  • For trail running: a very light frame with suspended lenses for optimum ventilation and maximum comfort over long periods of time.
  • For water sports: a flexible, wraparound frame to protect against splashing water but with good ventilation to prevent fogging.

Which lens color?

Depending on its color, a lens will filter light differently, producing particular characteristics:

  • Brown/yellow lens: accentuates relief.
  • Grey lens: faithful color reproduction. Copper lens: accentuates contrasts, more comfortable vision.

The Julbo frames are available in our outlets of Grand-Baie and Rivière-Noire.

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