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Eyezen boost



Benefits of Eyezen Boost lenses

Crizal Easy Pro

Visual fatigue reduction

Help your eyes focus to reduce visual fatigue
Crizal Easy Pro

Improved contrast

Crizal Easy Pro

Improved readability

Of small characters
Crizal Easy Pro

Advanced filter

Blue-violet light filtering

Discover Eyezen Boost lenses

Eyezen's best ally to support eye focus efforts

How the technology works

It is a power distribution technology designed to optimise object distance and gaze direction while supporting the eye’s accommodative effort for near vision. Customised to the patient’s age, the lenses work to reduce eye fatigue.

Why choose Eyezen Boost lenses?

88% of wearers experienced an improved readability of small characters.

84% of wearers feel visual fatigue reduction

92% of wearers satisfied