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Crizal lenses Essilor


The finishing step that amplifies correction with protection. All Crizal® coatings have unique technologies and benefits while acting as an invisible shield that protects your eyes and your lenses. Crizal® lenses act like a shield against elements that can impact or harm vision, responding with confidence to wearer’s needs.
With Crizal® lenses, spectacle wearers enjoy a complete protection of their clarity of vision and their eyes.
Crizal® lenses provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and contribute to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays and Blue-Violet Light**

Benefits of Crizal coatings

Crizal lenses Essilor
Crizal lenses Essilor
Crizal lenses Essilor
Crizal lenses Essilor
Optimal UV protection

Double-sided UV protection

Hassle-free lenses

Smudge resistant, water and dust repellent

Enhanced visual experience

Reduce distracting light reflections

Increased lens resistance

Make your lenses resistant to scratches

Your invisible shield, for UV protection

Crizal® coatings bring more to wearers than just functional lenses: they offer the most comfortable vision for all lifestyles. Our lens technology provides every wearer with a feeling of uninterrupted ease and comfort.


Crizal® coating offers advanced protection against the many enemies of clear vision. A powerhouse of anti-glare, smudge resistant, and scratch resistant technologies. Crizal® can help you achieve clarity of vision.


Let the sunshine in and keep UV rays out. Crizal® coating helps by protecting your eyes from UV rays with filters blue-violet light* (depending on the coating selected). Whether you’re working in front of a computer screen or enjoying an afternoon in nature, you can rest assured your precious eyes will stay safe.

Crizal lenses Essilor
Crizal lenses Essilor

Discover the Crizal® difference