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CRIZAL PREVENCIA: Selective filtering to preserve your natural well-being

Benefits of Crizal Prevencia

Crizal Easy Pro
Enhanced vision experience

Reduces distracting reflections from lights.

Crizal Easy Pro
Blue-violet light filtering

Smartly reflects blue-violet light.

Crizal Easy Pro
UV Protection

Offers full protection against the invisible and often irreversible day-to-day dangers of UV reflection.

Crizal Easy Pro
Easy to Clean

Repels water & dust and resists to smudges, so your lens stays clear for longer.

Crizal Easy Pro
Scratch Resistance

Handles everyday usage scratches that may result from wiping the lens with the wrong cleaning cloth.

Front surface protection with Light Scan

Light Scan selectively filters out harmful blue-violet and UV light, and protects the wearer by blocking 100% harmful UV light and cutting 20% of harmful Blue-Violet light.

Back surface protection

Crizal Prevencia, as all Crizal UV lenses, virtually eliminates back surface reflections protecting wearers against dangerous UV from the back surface of the lens.

Embedded lens protection with Eye Protect System

Crizal Prevencia powered by Eye Protect System protects wearers eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light waves into the material of the lens. Eye Protect System and Lightscan offers a maximized protection, filtering on average 30% of blue-violet light.

Water Repellency

Dust Repellency

Scratch Resistance

Smudge Repellency

Glare resistance