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Crizal Easy Pro

The easiest-to-clean anti-reflective coating

The benefits of Crizal Easy Pro

Crizal Easy Pro

UV protection

Offers complete protection against the everyday, invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV reflection.

Crizal Easy Pro


Reduces unwanted reflections from light.

Crizal Easy Pro

Easy to clean

Dust, water and stain resistant, so your lenses stay clear for a longer time.

Crizal Easy Pro


Eliminates scratches caused by day-to-day use and improper use of cleaning cloths.

Discover Crizal Easy Pro dirt-resistant

Crizal® Easy Pro’s outstanding ability to resist grease, dirt and water makes it ideal for active lifestyles.

Why choose Crizal® Easy Pro?

easier to clean when heavily stained

Crizal Easy Pro technologies

High surface density process™
For easier and optimal cleaning