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Complaints handling policy

Visibility & Accessibility

We foster the continual improvement of our services through a proper handling of customer feedback. Our complaints handling policy is available and clearly visible in all our shops and on our web site. This policy includes details on how complainants may communicate their complaints to our services and products.

Responsiveness and customer orientation

We welcome your complaints and endeavour to deal with all complaints promptly and effectively, if possible in the shop immediately with our employees and/or the optometrist.

If we cannot solve your request on-site, we will channel your feedback to our Head Office by the management of R. Mathieu (Opticians) Ltd.

We place our client at the heart of our activities and treat them courteously. We keep informed of the follow-up of their complaint by acknowledging receipt within 1 (one) open day and reverting within 2 days after the filing of the complaint.

We encourage feedback from our customers and suggestions either in our shop or on our website or by email, please see below.


Your complaint is handled in a professional, ethical, unbiased and transparent manner.


Your complaint and your personal data are recorded and treated under strict confidentiality and hanldle according to the Data Protection Act in force in Mauritius.

Continual improvement

Our complaints handling process is continually reviewed so as to improved its effectiveness and our response to our customers. We take into consideration your feedback to improve our services and products to ultimately satisfy our clients.

A complaint is the expression of dissatisfaction made to R. Mathieu (Opticians) Ltd. related to its products, services or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

To help us address your complaints better, thank you to provide the following information:

Please fill in the complaint form or call the outlet where you bought your product.