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Tips for choosing frames

Find your perfect frame

Tips for choosing frames

Find your perfect frame

Let us help you find your perfect pair. From understanding what suits your face shape to answering quick style questions, we’ll serve up glasses recommendations to narrow your search and help you shine. The following are to be considered:

Choosing the best frame based on the shape of your face

The shape of your glasses needs to contrast, not look like, the shape of your face. The right frame will provide balance to your face, correcting and harmonizing its features.

Choosing eyeglasses that suit your personality and lifestyle

Eyeglasses are a great way to express your style. Whether you’re looking to buy your first pair, or just want to try something different, why not get frames that complement your personality!

Once the technical and ophthalmic requirements are met, the frame you select should match your personality. Therefore, take the time to choose the right material (plastic, metal or a combination), the colour, and the accessories (type of nose pads, arms, etc.).

The frame you select must be compatible with your lifestyle, work, and hobbies. Some jobs and workplaces may require specific eyewear for protection, durability. The temperature and exposure to sunlight are also factors to consider.

For certain sports, it is advisable to have a separate pair of spectacles that is hardier, more resistant to water, sun or perspiration, and which could even provide protection from dust, wind or impact.

Contact lenses are an option for active sportsmen and women.

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